President Yu Lizhong Heads a Delegation to Visit France


President Yu Lizhong and president of Ecole Normale Super Paris (ENS Paris) meet for talks

President Yu Lizhong and president of Lyon 1 have signed cooperation agreements

President Yu Lizhong has a photo taken with the Dean of EM Lyon, Professor Patrick Molle

President Yu Lizhong heads our delegation of 5 people to visit Ecole Normale Super Paris, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and EM Dyon from June 8 to 13, talking friendly on bilateral cooperation.

During the visit in France, our delegation meet president of ENS Paris, its vice president in charge of scientific research, professor Yves Guldner and its director of foreign affairs office Ms. Laurence Frabolot, director of foreign affairs office, representative of ENS-Cachan Ms Bogdana Savu-Neuville, president of ENS Lettres et, Sciences of humanities Professor Olivier Faron, president of ENS Lyon, Professor Jacques Samarut and so on respectively. And we have reached consensus through amicable negotiation on building a Sino-French Joint Research Academy with the 4 universities and co-training doctors for the 5th time with the ENS Group.

During the visit, President Yu Lizhong sees the co-trained doctors and asks about their studies and life.

President Yu Lizhong and president of Lyon 1, Professor Lionel Collet have signed cooperation agreements at Lyon 1 on building a Sino-French Joint Research Lab, which marks that substantial cooperation has begun between the 2 universities on high level basic and advanced applied scientific research, viz. the research on laser physics and its application and the cooperation among teachers, scientific researchers, doctors and post-graduates.

When we meet the dean of EM Lyon, Professor Patrick Molle and the other teachers in EM Lyon, we have reached consensus through friendly negotiation on attracting high quality personnel and co-training staff for French enterprises in Shanghai.

The delegation visit the envoy titled counselor Mr. Bai Zhangde at the embassy of China in France, the headquarter of UNESCO, director general, deputy assistant of UNESCO, Doctor Tang Qian, representative of the resident delegation in the headquarter of UNESCO and the other authorities. They also see our alumni in France and take part in the founding ceremony of the ECNU alumni association in France.


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