ECNU’s control and prevention reassures international students


During the latest resurgence of COVID-19 infections in Shanghai, East China Normal University (ECNU) carried out a closed-loop management on March 13 to ensure the safety of the students and staff as well as the university’s vital missions of education and research.

Yoon Hyeseo, a Korean student majoring in English, felt a growing sense of alarm when she knew that the university was closed, and her family could only console her by phone. “I thought the closed-loop management would be lifted soon, but it’s been nearly a week now. Contrary to my fears, ECNU has deployed and responded so quickly that our lives have only slowed down, but are not in stasis.”

ECNU staff deliver food to the dormitories

Habul, a Bangladeshi student from the School of Politics and International Relations, shared his life in this special period: “Since ECNU started closed-loop management, all the international students on campus have switched to online study. In my spare time, I led newly-arrived international students to visit our tranquil and beautiful campus, practiced calligraphy and recited Chinese poems together in the dorm. In this process, everyone appreciated how extensive and profound Chinese culture is and aspired to learn all they could and spread them back to their own countries.”

Habul shows new students around the campus

In order to deal in a timely manner with the work of meal distribution, nucleic acid testing and emergencies for international students, the Global Education Center quickly set up on-campus teams to investigate the condition of international students and take the initiative to care for them. International students also organized a dormitory service team to establish a working mechanism and jointly assist in the coordination of pandemic prevention.

Adelina, an international student from Kyrgyzstan, said, “As a volunteer who assists international students in my residence hall, I think my job is meaningful, not only to let every ECNU international student enjoy the benefits of studying here and progress academically, but also to make sure they are safe and sound.

“Dormitory supervisors, teachers of the Global Education Center are the first to help us when we encounter problems. In addition, the WeChat group of our dorm has become so lively, with everyone helping each other. Yesterday, some students brought snacks to the first floor and shared them with others. I am so lucky to be one of this big warm family.” Yoon Hyeseo deeply felt the warmth, strength, and fervor of ECNU.

ECNU international students' WeChat group

To ensure the physical and mental health of international students and enrich their after-school life, the Global Education Center also launched an online Karaoke competition to help students relieve stress and strains.

Due to language barriers and cultural differences among international students, ECNU pays special attention to their life needs and well-being. To this end, the Global Education Center has organized many meetings with international students and has jointly explored a healthy way of closed-loop management life under the pandemic.

Author: Li Mengjie

Copy editor: Philip Nash, Yuan Yiwei

Editor: Wicky Xu


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