Care and warm support pours into ECNU during lockdown


Due to the latest COVID-19 resurgence in Shanghai, East China Normal University (ECNU) has implemented closed-loop management since March 13. During this period, although the normal campus lifestyle has paused temporarily, the care, help and support students received have never halted. 

There is no better example than the many ways that the faculty and staff are meeting these challenging times with creativity, cooperation, and a deep commitment to the students. 

In order to ensure that every student gets three meals a day on time, the staff of the university canteens get up very early to prepare breakfast. After a day of dinner box delivery, the staff at the dining halls have to clean and disinfect all the tableware. The teachers, dormitory staff and security staff also distribute medicines and necessities to students during the day.

Many students wrote thank-you letters and drew pictures to express their gratitude towards university faculty and staff for their hard work over the past few weeks.

Dressed in blue vests or blue protective clothing, over 1,200 student volunteers have been active on both campuses. They assist various departments in conducting nucleic acid testing, supplying materials, and delivering medicines and necessities.

University-wide, the departments and schools are creatively finding ways to stay student-centered and continuing to provide two-tier education and student experience. 

ECNU’s control and prevention has also received support from international students. After the university implemented the lockdown, they soon adjusted themselves to adapt to the closed-loop management life. 

Alumni and friends of ECNU have also responded with offers of help. By March 25, ECNU had received a total of 1,707,064 yuan in donation, among which 1 million yuan is used to set up anti-epidemic aid funds according to the wishes of the donors, benefiting 1,000 students.  

Two super-long trucks transporting more than 300 boxes of broccoli, more than 300 boxes of baby cabbage and nearly 2,000 boxes of mineral water left Xundian County, Yunnan Province on March 22 and arrived at ECNU on March 25 after driving a distance of 2,300 kilometers. Over 22,300 kilograms of green leafy vegetables were turned into ECNUers’ lunches and dinners.

Shanghai local governments including Putuo District Government and the Youth League Committee of Chongming District, companies such as ICBC Shanghai Branch and China Construction First Group, and alumni have donated a large number of anti-epidemic materials to help ECNU fight against the pandemic.

We are moving into uncharted territory together, but because of everyone’s contribution and support, we are confident that we will win this battle together!

Author: Yuan Yiwei

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Wicky Xu


East China Normal University