“National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations” Awards ECNU Ph.D Candidate


Xie Renming (L) and his supervisor Prof.Chen Dakang.


ECNU Ph.D candidate Xie Renming’s doctoral dissertation “Studies of the Fictions Ebbs in Late Qing Dynasty: with Fictions in Xuan Tong Dynasty as the Center” was selected into 2012 “National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations” recently.


In the newly published 2012 “National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations”, 90 dissertations were granted the honor and 278 dissertations won the nominated honor. Xie was one of the 90 winners, and two other ECNU Ph.D candidates, Zhang Jiao from Department of Mathematics and Hao Qiang from Department of Physics, won the nominated honor.


The selection of “National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations” is organized by Ministry of Education and the Academic Degrees Commission of the State Council to assess the quality of doctoral candidates. Because of its strict selection procedure and high quality appraisal standard, “National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations” is regarded as one of the most important issues in higher education evaluations including the selection of national key disciplines and first-grade State subject as well as university ranking.


As a student of ECNU lifetime professor Chen Dakang, Xie Renming focused his study in novels of the late Qing Dynasty, a research field needs numerous of sources research, carding and chronology. With the sources collected from over 20 libraries in tens of provinces in China and from his friends overseas as well as Prof. Chen Dakang’s generous share of his own novel chronicles edited in recent 10 years, Xie finally completed his work.


Talking about his winning of 2012 “National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations”, Xie expressed his heartfelt thanks to his supervisor, Prof. Chen Dakang. “Without Prof. Chen’s great help, I could not have finished my dissertation so smoothly,” said Xie.


Xie also thanked the support of ECNU “Excellent Doctoral Candidates Research Fund”, which is among several reform measures of the University to encourage and help doctoral candidates as well as postgraduates to do their research in recent years. According to the University, 8 students’ dissertation have selected into “National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations” and 20 students’ dissertation have won the nominated honor in recent years.


Here is the attached list of ECNUers winning the 2012 “National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations” as well as the nominated honor:








XIE Renming

“Studies of the Fictions Ebbs in Late Qing Dynasty: with Fictions in Xuan Tong Dynasty as the Center”

Chinese Language and Literature

CHEN Dakang



“Some Aspects of Cyclic Homology and Quantum Quasi-Shuffle Algebras”


HU Naihong


HAO Qiang

Key Technologies of the Laser Driver for UV-comb Generation


ZENG Heping







Written by: Shi Yangyang


Edited by: Liu Jinyu


East China Normal University