ECNU Scholars Further Develop Theory of “Global Cluster Networks”




In March 2013, ECNU scholars Li Pengfei from Center for Strategic Studies of Ministry of Education: Institute China Innovation, School of Resources & Environmental Sciences and Zijiang scholar Harald Bathelt co-published a paper titled “Global Cluster Networks: Foreign Direct Investment Flows from Canada to China” on Journal of Economic Geography.




Using a network perspective of multinational firms to investigate the spatial patterns of 299 FDI cases from Canada to China between 2006 and 2010, this article develops conceptions of global cluster networks and global city-region networks that are based on foreign direct investment (FDI) activities which provides a brand new prospective in the study of global and regional economy in the post financial crisis era. And it also illuminates the transformation and upgrading of costal industries in China as well as the globalization of Chinese businesses.





Journal of Economic Geography is a world-class prestigious journal in 'economic geography' aimed at redefining and reinvigorating the intersection between economics and geography and publishes original academic research and discussion of the highest scholarly standard in the field.





Written by: Shi Yangyang

Edited by: Liu Jinyu


East China Normal University