Ph.D Candidate Liu Shijie’s Paper selected as JBC’s Paper of the Week


On March 29, a complete resume of Liu Shijie, a Ph.D candidate of ECNU's Institute of Biomedical Sciences of School of Life Sciencesand his paper appeared on the “Paper of the Week” column of The Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC)as the peer-reviewed journal's special recommendation.


JBC makes a special intrdoduction of Liu Shijie, a Ph.D candidate of ECNU.


"A special introduction of the first author of ‘Paper of the Week’ has been a tradition of JBC since 2008 and it has become an important method of the journal to affirm young people for their contribution to the scientific research, as well as a recommendation of these young researchers with potentials to the academic world,” said Li Dali, an associate professor of Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Liu Shijie's instructor.


“It is not easy for a paper to be chosen as 'Paper of the Week' as JBC only selects 50-100 papers among over 6600 papers every year. In this case, our paper’s being selected as the Paper of the Week is not only a rare opportunity for the student, but also an affirmation of our research work,” said Li.



Liu Shijie and his teamates work in the lab.


The paper named Lgr4 Gene Deficiency Increases Susceptibility and Severity of Dextran Sodium Sulfate-induced Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Mice with Liu Shijie and Qian yu as the first authors and Liu Mingyao and Li Dali as the correspondent authors was published as "Paper of the Week " in JBC on March 29.


Written by: Liu Jinyu



East China Normal University