Body-Building Theory & Practice Course Popular among Students


He Xiaoqing takes a 10-minute step test with the help of researchers.


On April 26, He Xiaoping, a sophomore from the Department of Biology, underwent the cardiopulmonary function test in Laboratory Building D as planned after the noon break, which was one of the physical test projects of the public course, Body-building Theory and Practice. More than 80 students, who have selected this course, will come to the laboratory to be tested in terms of multiple indexes, including cardiopulmonary function, muscle strength, fat content, etc. Based on the individual needs for health and physical exercise, this course are quite popular among students in ECNU.


A student undergoes the cardiopulmonary function test.


“This is not an ordinary physical examination. As for the test of cardiopulmonary function, the laboratory has carried out the comparability study with step test, 200m shuttle running and treadmill test. It is not only a public course available to non-PE students of ECNU, but also part of the research content the laboratory has carried out towards the national ordinary adolescents' health,” said Prof. Ji Liu., Dean of the School of Sports and Health and Director of Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education , Adolescent Health Assessment and Exercise Intervention.


With the help of 3-5 research members of the laboratory, He Xiaoqing put on the gas sampling device and then took a 10-minute step test after the preparatory activities. With the rhythmic ‘beep’ sound of the metronome, she went up and down on the 35-centermetre step. Apart from the data index shown on the gas analyzer, He Xiaoping expressed other information like the real-time feeling  with gestures to the researchers.


The test of cardiopulmonary function is originated from Harvard Step Test in the 1940s, and it is still a classic in check tests of cardiovascular function with continuous improvements.


Researchers analyze data of the tests.


As planned, He Xiaoqing and all the other students of the course have to finish the assignment named Make Sports and Dietory Plant Plan for Your Own which requires students to decide the items, intensity, length, and frequency of physical exercises according to the result of health evaluation test and what they have learned in the course. The design has aroused great interest among students. “Our final goal is to enable students to develop good exercise habits by mastering the methods and means, which both follow the laws and vary from person to person,” said Prof. Ji.



Written by: Yao Run

Edited by: Liu Jinyu





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