Youth Day exclusive: Young foreigners share impressions of Chinese youth


A group of international students studying in China shared their views on their impression of Chinese youth, as well as their experience studying and working in China. Though from various cultural backgrounds, they share the same youthful energy.

In Tsinghua, I was truly amazed by the great young minds from this ancient country. What surprised me the most is their open mindedness and creativity. When it comes to their studies and work, they show great energy, passion and intelligence, said Nik Gu, an international student studying in Tshinghua University.

Pritam Saha, a student at East China Normal University from Bangladesh, who worked as a dormitory assistant during the COVID-19 pandemic, said he was amazed by the Chinese government epidemic prevention and control policy.

I have tried so many traditional Chinese dishes like Peking duck, Kung Pao chicken, hot pot and so on. What surprised me the most is that Chinese youth always knew the historical background behind almost every dish we ate and every place we visited, said Jekaterina Volkova, student at University of International Business and Economics from Latvia.

Watch the video to learn more of their stories.

Source:China Daily


East China Normal University