Lecture: The cerebro-cerebellar loops,a network for sensorimotor tuning


Topic: The cerebro-cerebellar loops: a network for sensorimotor tuning

Speaker: Clément Léna, Director of researcher at theInstitute of Biology,École Normale Supérieure Paris

Host: Wen Jiemin

Time: 13:30-15:00, April 5, 2017

Address: Lecture Room 534, School of Life Sciences (生科院534报告厅)

Organizer: School of Life Sciences, Office of Science & Technology

Brief introdction of Clément Léna

After studying physics and then molecular and cellular neurophysiology at the ÉcoleNormale Supérieure, Clément Léna conducted a thesis on the neurophysiologicalproperties of nicotinic receptors of the central nervous system, under thedirection of Jean-Pierre Changeux at the Institut Pasteur. In particular, heshowed a direct action on the nerve endings of nicotine, studied itsmechanisms, and contributed to the molecular identification of the differenttypes of nicotinic receptors present in the mammalian brain. He then learned invivo neurophysiology in the Matt Wilson laboratory at the MassachusettsInstitute of Technology by studying limbic neural dynamics after emotionallearning. On his return to France, he studied the aminergic regulation ofstates of vigilance and the existence of a postnatal critical period for thetuning of these regulations as well as those of the emotional system. Inparallel, he developed the study of the population dynamics in the microcircuitof the cortex cerebellar in vivo. More recently, he has demonstrated theexistence of functional olivo-cerebellar loops and cerebello-cortical loops.Clément Léna is an INSERM research director and leader of the Neurophysiologyof Brain Circuits at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris.


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