ECNU warmly welcomes class of 2022 on a rainy summer day


East China Normal University (ECNU) kicked off its new school year on September 5th and officially welcomed the incoming students of 2022 class in both Putuo and Minhang campuses.

The typhoon neither dampened the enthusiasm of the volunteers nor delayed the freshmen’s start of their new journey. Vigor and vitality quickly infused the campuses. 10950 freshmen become new ECNUers this year, and among them there are 3953 undergraduates and 6997 postgraduates.

According to the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control, parents were not allowed to enter the campuses this year, so they stood at the gate and watched the freshmen walk into the campus with the help of volunteers. 150 student volunteers from higher classes welcomed new ECNUers at the major metro stations of Line 3, 4, 13 and 15.

The staff from the security department turned their patrol cars into luggage trucks and rushed in and out to help the freshmen carry their luggage. Student volunteers then labeled pieces of luggage with dormitory and room numbers to prevent them from being mixed up and loaded them into the baggage shuttle. Though the volunteers’ hair had long been wet with both rain and sweat, they never stopped working for a moment. ECNU also provided students, volunteers and staff with warm ginger tea to drive away the chill brought by the rain, which was well received by parents.

“Fight to achieve the biggest ambition in your best youth,” said Mei Bing, Chair of the University Council. She hoped that the freshmen could try to study more widely and deeply with a broader horizon in interdisciplinary areas by fully applying the information and resources of ECNU. Meanwhile, she encouraged them to pay attention to Shanghai and the changes taking place here. “May the years at ECNU inspire your inner energy,” said Mei. Qian Xuhong, President of ECNU, encouraged the freshmen to adapt to the college life as quickly as possible. “No matter how far you go, please keep in touch with your parents to allay their worries,” said Qian.

Author: Cui Jizhen

Editor: Xu Xincheng, Philip Nash, Cui Jizhen


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