ECNU holds the opening ceremony for class of 2022


“The university will do everything it can to provide the best environment to guarantee everyone's growth and development. We hope you can all work together in this coming new semester to fulfill the mission of this great university as we seek to have the greatest impact possible on our city, country, and world,” said Qian Xuhong, President of ECNU at the opening ceremony for Class of 2022 on September 9. 

In his speech titled “How to become a fully-fledged yet individualized talent that transcends limitations”, President Qian Xuhong told the students how to accomplish their goals of life, serve the country and the world, and create civilization and a brilliant future through personalized, comprehensive, and independent study.

ECNU President Qian Xuhong

He pointed out that the human society in the post-pandemic era would be full of uncertainties and conflicts, and that opportunities would coexist with danger. For the well-being of the humankind and happiness of everyone, students should specify their missions, make courageous innovation, and transcend limitations. They should make every attempt to discover and work out new theories, systems, models, and plans to initiate leapfrog social development and peace.

Individually, to transcend limitations through quantum leaps, establish a sound and personalized pattern of thinking, and thus achieve excellent development is by no means easy, because we are always living among all kinds of tangible and intangible thinking constraints, according to Qian Xuhong. He pointed out that university students should transcend the limitations of disciplines and majors, of theory and practice, of time, space and conditions, and of secularity and fashion, to develop abilities beyond such barriers and limitations. Only in this way can they stand at the forefront of academic and social development, and lead development in various fields. 

At the ceremony, Mei Bing, Chair of the University Council awarded the school badges of ECNU to the freshman representatives.

Li Daoji, a teacher representative, professor of the State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research of ECNU (SKLEC) and Dean of the Plastics Circulation and Innovation Research Institute, shared the story of the founder of China’s estuarine and coastal science, Academician Chen Jiyu, who dedicated himself to developing China's estuarine and coastal cause. That generation of scientists who studied and grew up in the dire old China highlighted a profound sense of urgency, the spirit of serving the country, and the feelings of patriotism. He expected that the students should study and undertake the spiritual tradition of the older generation, that is, “seeking truth, being practical, exploring new ways, and striving for accomplishment” while keeping patriotism in their hearts. They should serve the country and undertake the mission of the times with their learnings.

Li Daoji, professor of the State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research of ECNU


Wang Xiaokun, an outstanding graduate of the School of Physics and Electronic Science in 2022, an undergraduate student of the Class 2018 of Guanghua College, and a PhD student of the Class 2022 of the State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy Science and Technology, shared his study experience and intellectual growth at ECNU, as a student representative. During his four-year undergraduate study at ECNU, he grew from a scientific research novice to the winner of the gold medal in the national Internet + and Creating Youth competitions. All the paths he has undergone verify ECNU’s school-running philosophy of excellence both in education and academic arenas. In this process, he learned the principles of “research and accumulation”, “innovation and persistence”, and “mission and responsibility”, which he shared with the freshmen.

Wang Xinyu, an undergraduate student of Class 2022 of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of ECNU, delivered a speech as a freshman representative. In her speech, she recounted the story of her encounter with paleography and ECNU, as well as her emotional journey when she was moved by ECNU’s concerns for her well-being upon receipt of the Letter of Admission and the great-value enrollment package. She wished that her classmates should be knowledgeable and wise, constantly improve themselves, have greater ambitions, work hard, and often think about how to apply what they’ve learned to what they do. She also called on everyone to stick to their ideals and passion and lead the development of the nation and society.

Copy editor: Philip Nash, Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Xu Xincheng, Cui Jizhen, Ye Zhouying


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