World-famous skyscraper designer Marshall Strabala joins ECNU


On Sept. 21st, Marshall Strabala, the world-famous architect and chief designer of the Shanghai Tower, was appointed by the School of Design of ECNU as a visiting professor.

Mr. Marshall Strabala

Mr. Marshall Strabala and his Strabala+architects LLC have established a new major called “Architectural Art Design” in cooperation with the School of Design of ECNU to jointly cultivate MFA Master of Arts.

In cooperation with international top architects and design companies, the major aims to establish a training model in combination with internationalized education and industry-university-research, so as to cultivate first-class innovative architectural art design talents. The recruitment will be officially kicked off in 2023 with courses to be designed by Mr. Marshall Strabala and taught by him in person and his team.

Prof. Wei Shaonong, Dean of the School of Design of ECNU, issued a certificate to Marshall Strabala. After the appointment ceremony, Mr. Marshall Strabala communicated with the students who responded positively to his design philosophy of modern art and architecture, that is, "do more with less" that he has been always advocating. "I hope to establish a brand-new disciplinary theory regarding art and architecture design and an innovative teaching and talent cultivation model that integrates production and education in the cooperation with the School of Design of ECNU to jointly cultivate MFA Master of Arts," said Marshall Strabala.

Mr. Marshall Strabala has designed 4 of the 20 super high-rise buildings already built in the world (828-meter Burj Khalifa, 632-meter Shanghai Tower, 450-meter Zifeng Tower) and the 560-meter super high-rise building Phnom Penh Twin Tower under construction. Mr. Marshall Strabala is one of the few designers in the world who has designed so many super high-rise buildings.

From left: 828-meter Burj Khalifa, 632-meter Shanghai Tower and 450-meter Zifeng Tower

Mr. Marshall Strabala’s classic works include the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, London’s Canary Wharf, the Houston Ballet Center, and the Taihu Museum (opened in October this year). In his 28-year design career, he has completed hundreds of designs covering various projects including super high-rise buildings, urban complexes, and public buildings. Mr. Marshall Strabala, a global architectural design master who has worked and lived in China, won the Shanghai Magnolia Memorial Award in September 2021.

Source:School of Design

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Xu Xincheng, Cui Jizhen, Ye Zhouying


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