Photography and video art exhibition “Accidental & Imagination” kicks off


A photography and video art exhibition of academic staff and students from the School of Design of ECNU is being held in the Shanghai Himalayas Museum from September 17th to November 16th.

With the theme of “Accidental & Imagination”, this exhibition containing 150 works of art is an excellent presentation that proves photography and video, as a crucial channel to visual training and expression, can be brought into the course of art education.

This exhibition embraces documentary photography that records the living conditions of individuals and art photography that taps into the inner world of people. In terms of skills and concepts, this exhibition presents the traditional camerawork on which the digital photographic world was built. Simultaneously, it also tries an experiment inherited from the avant-garde art tradition to make collages of physical things and photography. Noticeably, students and staff try to question the authenticity and academic nature of photography with the concepts and skills of “appropriation” and “transplantation”.

The exhibition also showcases a special display of “one-minute photography and video art” which comes from an international competition “One Minutes” in which students from the School of Design of ECNU have won 28 international awards.

Accidental & Imagination

The Photography and Video Art Exhibition of Faculties and Selected Students of School of Design of ECNU

Curator: Gu Zheng

Executive Curator: Zhong Yuzhe

Curator Team: Yao Rong, Hu Yikuan, Huang Zhenghan, Curator Team of Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Artists: Cao Yuqing, Chen Jiewen, Chen Guanyu, Chen Lingzhi, Chi Yongxin, Ge Shiyun, Hu Yikuan, Han Shengnan, Li Qing, Lei Ziyi, Lin Yafen, Luo Ziyuan, Ling Ruyi, Liu Zhiyue, Ni Zhiqi, Ni Jingrui, Qiu Anxiong, Shen Yi, Tang Yinting, Wang Dongli, Wu Xian, Yang Yuelin, Yao Rong, Yan Qingwen, Zhong Yuzhe, Zhang Yiyong, Zhang Ziyou, Liu Yuwei, Zhang Yunyao, Zhu Mingyue, Zhu Senjie

Organizer: The School of Design of ECNU

Co-organizer: Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Art Directors: Wei Shaonong、Shen Qibin

Date: 2022.09.17-2022.10.16

Address: Hall 4A, No.869, Yinghua Road, Pudong District, Shanghai

Source: School of Design

Author: Ye Zhouying

Editor: Cui Jizhen, Philip Nash


East China Normal University