ECNU rowing team creates brilliance in Shanghai River Regatta


2022 Head of Shanghai River Regatta set sail on the mother river---Suzhou River on October 29-30, attracting professional and amateur rowers from around the country.

ECNU organized its rowing team and first participated in the event this year, competing with multiple rowing teams from renowned universities such as Tongji University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Ocean University etc. in the Mixed Coxed Eight 8+ 4.2 km Pursuit Race.

In the 4.2km pursuit race held in the afternoon of October 29, the ECNU rowing team went all out, as they tracked the meandering course of the Suzhou River, passing under 13 bridges from west to east, and finally won the fifth place in its first participation.

ECNU rowing team members were selected from on-campus students from the College of Physical Education and Health this summer. With 5 girls and 4 boys, it was the first time that this young team has participated in the Head of Shanghai River Regatta.

“The first training camp was held during this national festival, and the training successfully moved from land to water,” said Coach Chen Long from the College of Physical Education and Health of ECNU, who was in charge of the daily training.

“From the rowing machine to the indoor practice hall, and finally to the rowing boat, the main difficulty lies in the uniformity of movement and speed on the rowing machine at the very beginning, and the balance and rhythm of the rowing boat after getting on the boat. As for the special training, we had a 5km long-distance rowing machine training before the event, and then went onto the 'boat stay' training, that is, the team members all adapted themselves to the rowing boat except when eating and sleeping,” Coach Chen added.

“There are very detailed technical movements in boat leveling, paddle turning, water grabbing, and resulting force, with cooperation from 2 to 4, and then to 6-person…We gradually formed a tacit understanding. Not until training on the afternoon of the 6th day did the coaches finally let us nine members all embark together.” Wang Quxian, a student majoring in Physical Education enrolled in 2021 by ECNU, described the training process.

Due to the requirements of the competition venue and training camp, the ECNU rowing team has used the holidays and breaks to train together with members from Shanghai Ocean University at its Lingang Campus.

“During this period, the team members quickly got started. It was rather difficult from trembling in fear at the very beginning to the final accomplishment with nine people. Special thanks should be extended to Shanghai Ocean University for its support and the coaches’ guidance,” said Huang Lanlan, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of the College of Physical Education and Health of ECNU, “this is the first challenge confronted by the school rowing team, and their breakthrough will open a new chapter in the rowing sport of ECNU.”

As Shanghai's self-developed sports event, Head of Shanghai River Regatta was introduced last year and has been rated as one of Shanghai's top three most influential sports events in 2021.

Racers row along the Suzhou Creek before crossing the finish line at the landmark Waibaidu Bridge in Huangpu District. Spectators can enjoy the river bank view and Shanghai's skyline while watching the race. The event is therefore nicknamed a “landscape competition”.

Source: College of Physical Education and Health

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Wicky Xu, Cui Jizhen


East China Normal University