Notices on winter vacation activities


Dear ECNUers,

The winter vacation starts on Jan. 13 (Monday) and ends on Feb. 22 (Saturday). During the vacation, you are welcome to participate in the following activities hosted by the university.

1. Chinese New Year’s Eve Party

Time: 17:30 pm, Jan. 16 

Venue: 1st floor, Yifu Building (逸夫楼), Zhongbei Campus

             2nd floor, Faculty’s Home (教师之家), Minhang Campus

Note: Scan the QR code below to sign up.

2. Spring Festival Gala

Time: 16:30 pm, Jan. 20

Venue: 1st floor, Xiayu Canteen (夏雨厅), Minhang Campus

3. Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner

Time: 16:30-18:30 pm, Friday, Jan. 24


Zhongbei Campus:

1st floor, Hedong Canteen (河东食堂)

2nd floor, Yiyuan Restaurant, Liwa Canteen (丽娃食堂2楼伊源餐厅)

 Minhang Campus:

1st floor, Chunhuage Canteen (春华阁)

1st floor, Dongri Canteen (冬日厅)

2nd floor, Yiyuan Restaurant, Dongyue Canteen (冬月厅2楼伊源餐厅)

Note: Get a free Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner with your student ID card.

School shuttle bus timetable during the winter vacation

(Jan. 13 – Feb.22 )

Route A: 

From Zhongbei Campus to Minhang Campus: 7:15, 11:50, 16:40

Route B: 

From Minhang Campus to Zhongbei Campus: 7:15,11:50, 16:40

Route C: 

From Minhang Campus to Shanghai South Railway Station: 6:50, 12:00, 16:40

Route D: 

From Shanghai South Railway Station to Minhang Campus: 7:40, 13:00, 17:40

Wish you a wonderful winter vacation and a happy Chinese New Year!

Written by Yu Wenxi      

Proofread by Joshua Mayfield      

Edited by Zhang Siyuan

Reviewed by Guo Wenjun


East China Normal University