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Mikael Rørdam appointed as Honorary Professor of ECNU


On the morning of August 1st, the Appointment Ceremony and the Academic Lecture of Honorary Professor Mikael Rørdam was held at Yifu Hall of Putuo Campus, ECNU. Yang Changli, Vice Secretary of ECNU CPC Committee, attended the ceremony on behalf of the university and presented the Honorary Professor Certificate and the university emblem to Prof. Mikael Rørdam in recognition of Prof. Rørdam’s outstanding contributions and academic achievements in the field of mathematics. A total of almost 60 members, including Deputy Director Wang Subin from the International Cooperation & Exchange Division, ECNU, and faculty and students from over 20 domestic and international universities such as Texas A&M University (USA), Kyushu University (Japan), University of California, Riverside (USA), Fudan University, and ECNU attended this event. The Appointment Ceremony was presided over by Lyu Changhong, Dean of School of Mathematical Sciences.

Mikael Rørdam appointed as Honorary Professor of ECNU

Yang Changli, in his speech, stated that Prof. Mikael Rørdam, as an outstanding representative in the field of mathematics, exemplifies remarkable academic achievements and profound scholarly accomplishments. He has made substantial research contributions in such areas as operator algebras and functional analysis, enjoying a high reputation in the international academic community. Since his initial visit to ECNU in 1997, Prof. Mikael Rørdam has visited and lectured at our university numerous times over the past 25 years, maintaining a strong academic collaboration and exchange relationship with the Research Center for Operator Algebras (RCOA), ECNU. ECNU sincerely appreciates his unwavering support for the academic development of our university. His affiliation will no doubt provide academic resources and intellectual support for ECNU’s academic exchange, cooperation, and disciplinary development, enriching opportunities and possibilities for academic exchange and international collaboration.

Prof. Rørdam, in his acknowledgment speech, expressed his commitment to maintaining close ties with our university, and promoting academic exchanges and collaboration, thus making his due contribution to the development of the discipline.

Prof. Mikael Rørdam delivered an acknowledgment speech

Joint photo of Prof. Mikael Rørdam, Yang Changli, Vice Secretary of ECNU CPC Committee, and Prof. Lin Huaxin, Winner of the Frontiers of Science Award.

Lyu Changhong, Dean of School of Mathematical Sciences, presided over the Appointment Ceremony

Prof. Mikael Rørdam delivered an academic report

After the ceremony, Prof. Rørdam delivered an academic lecture: Inclusions of C*-algebras to the faculty and students on site.

Prof. Mikael Rørdam, serving as Fellow of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and a professor of the University of Copenhagen, is a leading figure in the international field of operator algebras research. He has long devoted himself to research in areas such as operator algebras, dynamical systems, geometric group theory, and K-theory. His research findings have been published in top ranking mathematical journals including Annals of Mathematics and Acta Mathematica, and his papers have been cited over 2,800 times in total. Due to his outstanding contributions to the structure and classification theory of C*-algebras, Prof. Rørdam was invited to deliver a plenary lecture at the 25th International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) held in Madrid in 2006.

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