ECNUers attend 10th G200 Youth Forum


Eight teachers and students of ECNU attend the 10th G200 Forum.

From April 29 to May 3, the 10th G200 Youth Forum was held in Bavaria, Germany. The forum aims to provide a platform for outstanding young men from G20 countries to hold dialogues and discussions about the most pressing issues currently facing the world. The five-day forum is made up of four main parts: the G20 Youth Summit, academic conferences, parliamentary debates, and roundtable discussions.

ECNUers participate in the academic conferences’ discussions.

ECNUers attended the academic conferences and the G20 Youth Summit. Eight teachers and students, on behalf of the university, participated in the academic conferences’ discussions, delivering reports on economics and finance, social affairs and drug management, environmental ecology and energy, global policies and international relations, as well as education and youth development, in addition to other pressing issues related to humanity. These ECNU representatives were: Professor Zhou Limin from the School of Geographic Sciences, Professor Lai Yuping from the School of Life Sciences, Professor Li Jiacheng from the Faculty of Education, Professor Liu Liangjian from the Department of Philosophy, Li Houli, a Master’s student from the School of Advanced International and Area Studies, Niu Xiaodan, a Ph.D candidate from the School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences, and Chang Tianjiao and Cao Dingxian, two undergraduate students from the School of Finance and Statistics.

ECNU teachers deliver reports on the Forum.

Nine students played the roles of Governor, Minister of Economy, Minister of Finance, Minister of International Affairs, Minister of Education, Minister of Environment, Minister of Development, and Minister of Culture to exchange ideas and facilitate discussions about ecological education, the labor market, social security, the challenges of economic globalization, and the future of science research. These students were: Chen Hao, an undergraduate student from the Software Engineering Institute, Xu Minchao, an undergraduate student from the School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences, Wang Junyuan and Huang Yingying, from Meng Xiancheng College, Wang Licheng, an undergraduate student from the School of Communications, Zhu Tianlong, an undergraduate student from the School of Foreign Languages, Tang Yuwei, a Master’s student from the Business School, Lin Ken, a Master’s student from the School of Law, and Guo Heng, a Ph.D candidate from the Department of Physics.

Selected from nearly 300 candidates after a stringent screening process, the students were required to attend five training sessions to enhance their understanding of a wide variety of topics before they attended the Forum.


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