International Education of Chinese Language

ECNU attaches great importance to the Confucius Institutes and international Chinese education. The university has established a complete training system for international Chinese education, covering undergraduate students, academic masters, PhDs, professional masters, and professional PhDs. Five Confucius Institutes and two independent Confucius Classrooms have been established around the world. In addition, the education base in support of Chinese language teaching in the UAE has been set up with various programs launched to carry out international Chinese education in cooperation with overseas organizations.

The university receives a number of international Chinese Teacher Scholarship students, and has undertaken China Studies Program over a long period of time. The International Chinese Teacher training base at ECNU is one of the most important bases in the world for cultivating international Chinese teachers.

Co-Establishing 5 Confucius Institutes and 2 Independent Confucius Classrooms
  • 2022

    Confucius Institute at the University of Graz

  • 2021

    Vilnius University Confucius Institute

  • 2020

    Confucius Classroom (Crestar)

  • 2017

    Confucius Classroom at Pay Fong Middle School Malacca

  • 2008

    Confucius Institute at the University of Turin

  • 2005

    Confucius Institute in Chicago

  • 2005

    Confucius Institute at China Institute

Programs of International Chinese Language Education
  • 2021

    University of Central Arkansas Center for Chinese Language and Culture

  • 2021

    Cooperating with Royal Academy of Cambodia on establishing Master Program in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

  • 2019

    ECNU Center at China Institute

  • 2019

    Base in ECNU for Supporting Chinese Language Education in United Arab Emirates

Achievements in International Chinese Language Education
  • 2012 / 2014 / 2015 / 2017 / 2019

    Outstanding Confucius Institute Chinese Partners of the Year

  • 2012

    1st university in China qualified to offer Doctoral Degree in International Chinese Education

  • 2008

    1st Institute of Global Chinese Language Teacher Education authorized by Hanban

  • 1985

    One of the first four universities in China qualified to establish the major of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language