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2022“Silver Dove Award” announced: ECNU wins four awards


The results of the 2022 Silver Dove Award were recently announced, and East China Normal University (ECNU) won four awards. This award is organized by the Foreign Propaganda Office of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee. Relying on the Shanghai City Image Resources Sharing Platform, IP SHANGHAI, this award is selected once a year. It is the highest award for international communication in Shanghai.

The selection of the Silver Dove Award focuses on the following four major directions: international expression of Chinese culture, promotion and introduction of creative interpretation, construction of global narrative capacity, and expansion of international “circle of friends”. Nearly 500 works were submitted to participate in the selection and 166 entries won the Silver Dove Award.

The Winning Award for Activity/Case: The 1st World Geography Conference

From November 26th to 27th, 2022, the 1st World Geography Conference (WGC) with the theme of “Geography and the Construction of Human Destiny Community” was held at ECNU. In addition to the main conference venue, 41 branch venues were held online and offline. More than 500 presentations were made on topics involving global resource geography and energy security, rapid changes in the cryosphere and the construction of the Polar Silk Road, and innovation of spatiotemporal big data and world geography research methods.

The 1st World Geography Conference has received widespread attention from mainstream media at home and abroad. More than 20 TV stations, newspapers, news websites, and apps continued to pay attention to the content of the conference and disseminated it globally. During the conference, the Global Times reported the conference and its academic results in English, and Sputnik news agency & radio made special coverage of the grand opening ceremony of the conference, spreading Chinese wisdom to the world.

The award-winning case concluded the main features of the foreign communication practice of the conference from three aspects: it is China’s first multi-national conference with more than 1,500 experts and scholars both at home and abroad engaged in the cloud, creating an international cooperation and exchange platform with overseas leadership, communication ability, and influence; it contributed Chinese wisdom by releasing the “Global Science and Technology Innovation Center Index Report” for the world, with Beijing and Shanghai entering the first rank in the world; it highlighted the responsibility of Chinese universities by releasing “Declaration of the 1st World Geography Conference”, building a Chinese discourse system and telling the story of China's compatibility with the world in the global issues.

The Winning Award for Activity/Case: ECNU’s scientific payoffs appears on the Cover of Cell

A research team from ECNU made an important breakthrough in the field of obesity and metabolic diseases. The team discovered that human beige fat, which is activated by local heat therapy to produce heat, can greatly alleviate obesity symptoms and improve metabolic disorders.

On March 4, 2022, the team published its research findings online in the international top journal Cell and selected it as the cover article. The research findings triggered heated discussion and promotion on this topic among 160 media outlets, including China Daily, attracting 180 million reads and about 20,000 discussions. Nature Reviews Endocrinology reported this paper as a highlight result and retweeted it on Twitter to interact with netizens.

The award-winning case demonstrated the international communication characteristics of the university’s research team’s publishing article on the cover of Cell magazine from three aspects: actively promoting cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, and reflecting the soft power of the city through scientific and technological competitiveness; grasping the hot spots and tracking the reports to tell the strategy of cultivating excellent innovative talents in ECNU; telling the story of Chinese scientists to the world and sharing with the world our “Chinese wisdom”.

The Best Publication Award: The French edition of The Red Alley

The French edition of The Red Alley was published by Editions You Feng in France in December 2022. By describing the changes of Shanghai’s alleyways, it brings overseas readers into the hidden “red fortress”, vividly illustrates the story of the early days of the Communist Party of China, and shows the red cultural genes and urban spirit of Shanghai as a place of original aspiration.


The Winning Award for Publication: Kazakh edition of From Huangpu River to Yarkant RiverA record of Shanghai’s Eighth Batch of Planning and Construction Work to Aid Xinjiang

From Huangpu River to Yarkant River is a vivid account, in the form of reportage, of the work and life of the cadres of Shanghai’s eighth batch of Xinjiang assistance, and the fruitful results achieved by the aid work. Published in Kazakh in June 2022 by Russia’s Шанс International Publishing (Group) Co., Ltd, it has not only contributed Chinese experience and solutions to the global poverty reduction cause, but also presented a true and comprehensive three-dimensional Xinjiang.


Copy editor: Melody Zhang  Philip Nash

Editor: Yvaine Lyu