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The delegation of Eric Garfunkel, Vice President of Rutgers University, visits ECNU


On the morning of March 24th, Vice President Gu Hongliang met with the delegation of Dr. Eric Garfunkel, Vice President of Global Affairs, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey (hereinafter referred to as “Rutgers University”). In addition to Dr. Garfunkel, the delegation also included Shuman Wen, Senior Manager of the International Division of Rutgers University, and Ge Yao, Senior Program Manager. Huang Meixu, Dean of the International Education Center and Du Zhenyu, Director of the International Cooperation & Exchange Division of ECNU were also present in the talks.

Gu Hongliang, in his speech, expressed his gratitude for Vice President Garfunkel’s bumpy visit to ECNU in February, 2021 when COVID-19 was still raging, which officially established the cooperation partnership between the two universities. It was exactly the mutual assistance and the spirit of partnership between the two universities during the pandemic period that had further deepened the mutual trust and laid the solid foundation for enhanced cooperation. ECNU highly values its relationship with Rutgers University and looks forward to further tapping the potential of bilateral strategic cooperation via this visit.

Vice President Gu Hongliang welcomes Dr. Garfunkel, Vice President of Rutgers University, to revisit ECNU

Dr. Garfunkel responded positively and thanked ECNU again for its initiative and positive actions in accepting students during the pandemic. Meanwhile, he proposed that the two universities could actively explore the possibility of carrying out undergraduate and graduate dual-degree programs in the fields of Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science etc. He also welcomed faculties and students of ECNU to visit Rutgers University and cooperate on scientific research. Both parties also explored the possibility of cooperating on customized summer programs and online courses, as well as the exchange visits of administrative staff.

Subsequently, Wang Yuanyuan, Deputy Dean of the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, and Chen Lei, Deputy Dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology, ECNU, respectively introduced the status quo of the school and the idea of international cooperation. Both parties reached a positive intention of cooperation in terms of dual-degree programs, summer programs and exchange visits of researchers. In addition, both parties also planned to enhance their cooperation in Education, Oceanography, Philosophy and other preponderant disciplines of the two universities, and initially explored the possibility of Sino-foreign cooperation on undergraduate teaching evaluation.

Garfunkel, Vice President of Rutgers University, hopes to deepen cooperation between the two universities

Group photo of participants

Founded in 1766, Rutgers University is one of the world’s leading public research universities. Its preponderant disciplines include Philosophy, Information Science, Communication Science, Mathematics, Education, History, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Biological Science. In August 2021, ECNU and Rutgers University officially signed a memorandum of understanding and an agreement on student exchange.

Source:International Cooperation & Exchange Division

Copy editor: Melody Zhang, Philip Nash

Editor: Wenjun Guo