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A Delegation from the UK’s Newcastle University visits ECNU


22 September, Vice President Gu Hongliang met with a delegation from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, led by the university’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor Nigel Harkness. They renewed the cooperation agreement between the two universities and engaged in discussions on related academic disciplines. The delegation also included Xenia Xu, Senior Regional Manager for East Asia; Jessie Su, China Country Manager; and David Ru, International Recruitment Manager based in Shanghai.

Gu Hongliang extended a warm welcome to the delegation and pointed out that Newcastle University has been a long-standing partner of ECNU. The collaboration began with international student exchange programs in the field of language and linguistics, and now aims to encompass the humanities and social sciences. He expressed his hope that this meeting would serve as an excellent opportunity to further explore specific areas for cooperation and enrich the content of collaborative exchanges.

Nigel Harkness responded warmly about the solid collaboration between the two universities over the years. He also emphasized that both universities, as institutions of higher education, were both dedicated to the highest standards of education and international development. Calling it a new era, they agreed to share many common goals and values with each other. Mr. Harkness expressed his hope that, based on the current exchange programme, both institutions could explore deeper cooperation in various academic disciplines and conduct research together.

A Delegation from Newcastle University led by Pro-Vice-Chancellor Nigel Harkness visits ECNU.

This marks the first in-person visit to ECNU led by a delegation from Newcastle University since the global pandemic. The purpose of this visit was to consolidate the existing cooperation, and further solidify the partnership between the two institutions. Both parties aim to explore opportunities for deeper collaboration in academic disciplines of common interest, while contributing to higher education cooperation and exchange between China and the UK in the new era.