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Buses put on new clothes designed by ECNUers


The Spring Festival is coming and the Lunar New Year is in the air.

The First Shanghai Buses “Ring in 2024” Body Creative Design Competition initiated by the Shanghai Transportation Trade Association has recently unveiled the results. Wang Xin, an ECNUer from the School of Design takes the crown with the First Prize, while three other ECNUers from the School of Design pocket one Second Prize and two Third Prizes.

Taking a good look at the dragon, you can identify many familiar Chinese dragon images. Wang Xin, the designer, is a 2023 undergraduate student majoring in Public Art. She said that the dragon’s head stemmed from the dragon pattern of a jade ornament from the Shang Dynasty. “The flat, geometric Chinese bronze dragon pattern has a sense of mystery. I hope I can visit more museums in the future.”

According to Wang Xin, the integration of Jing’an Temple into the design lies in the fact that the Bus No. 20 passes by the temple, which she went out of her way to discover beforehand.    

“On the dragon fin, we can see the Oriental Pearl Tower and some landscape buildings on the Bund. In my opinion, the most famed and unique building in Shanghai is the Oriental Pearl Tower.” Wang Xin said that she was attracted by the nostalgic and modern architecture on both sides of the Huangpu River on the Bund when she first arrived in Shanghai last year. Instead of displaying the buildings one by one, “I integrate them into the body of the dragon as patterns, as can be seen in the head and the tail, so as to showcase the Shanghai characteristic in a harmonious way.”

Wang Xin hopes to create more creative and inspiring public art works in the future by further delving into traditional Chinese culture.

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor:  Wicky Xu