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ECNUers get fired up for Year of the Dragon celebrations


The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year, is the most important festival in China. This year, the Spring Festival falls on Saturday, February 10.

According to the Chinese zodiac (a 12-year cycle in which each year is represented by a specific animal), 2024 is the Year of the Dragon.

On the night of February 8, the university’s annual Spring Festival Gala was staged on Minhang campus. More than 400 students from home and abroad participated in the gala to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival with university leaders and teachers.

Decorations, greetings, music and delicious food made the dining hall a place of great joy and happiness. The gala kicked off with a series of interactive games, such as writing Spring Festival couplets, playing Chinese riddle games, and writing blessings on red paper.

During the event, both teachers and students delivered vibrant and festive performances. The highlights included a traditional dance presented by Uyghur students, a captivating performance by the student folk orchestra, and the enchanting melodies of the choir made up of students. The participants also enjoyed a feast of delicious food.

Zhang Yujie, a master student from the College of Physical Education and Health, shared his wishes, hoping that the university's aerobics team will win more championships in the new year. Yang Min, a graduate student from the School of Physics and Electronic Science, wishes all the teachers and students a prosperous new year and achieve more success in the new year!

Speaking at the celebratory gathering, Mei Bing, Chair of the University Council and Qian Xuhong, President of ECNU extended their holiday greetings to faculty members, students, and alumni from all walks of life.

The university also provided a New Year gift support package for every student who stays on campus during the winter vacation.

Every winter vacation, hundreds of ECNUers choose to stay on campus for various reasons such as job-hunting, lab work or internships. To ease these students’ homesickness, especially during the Spring Festival, the university holds a series of new year celebration activities for them every year.

Wishing all ECNUers a very happy, healthy and prosperous year of the Dragon!

Author: Xu Xincheng

Copy editor:Philip Nash

Editor: Wicky Xu