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SHINE: Eurasian Studies Joint Studio established in Shanghai


East China Normal University President Qian Xuhong (left) and European University at St Petersburg president Vadim Volkov unveiled the new facility.

East China Normal University and the European University at St Petersburg have announced the establishment of the Eurasian Studies Joint Studio in Shanghai.

The studio will build on both universities' research capabilities in humanities, sociology, and economics to increase collaboration between Chinese and Russian academic and research institutions.

Under the agreement, both sides will focus on Eurasian joint research, participate in international dialogues, and collaborate on projects in areas such as Arctic issues, energy and geopolitics, Russian history, Chinese development models and policies, and Chinese education and culture.

The two universities will work together to develop unique research talent capable of tackling complex social processes and global concerns. They will improve faculty and student exchanges and provide a strong impetus for the formation of new productive forces.

ECNU presented "The Collected Works of Vladimir Putin" to Vadim Volkov.

Source: SHINE   Editor: Yang Meiping