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ECNU holds International Students Job Fair


On May 10th, the Career and Entrepreneurship Department of the International Students Union (ISU) held a job fair for international students.

A total of 26 companies participated in the event, which attracted more than 200 students from 69 countries. For example, human resource (HR) departments from various industries brought a variety of full-time and internship positions to the students. Most of the students had prepared their resumes for submission and participated in on-site interviews.

There was also a presentation session, in which the HR staff provided students with information on the job market situation and trends, employment visa applications, and the advantages of international students coming to China in the face of the continuous expansion of Chinese companies, especially the opportunities available to students from companies with overseas operations.

One of ECNU’s international students from Japan spoke about the personal experience from the job fair: “In my interactions with various companies, I discovered many exciting opportunities and challenges. Through in-depth communication with recruiters, I gained a clearer understanding of job requirements in different industries and learned about the latest trends and needs in the market. In addition, I also realized my shortcomings in professional skills and knowledge, which motivated me to study harder and improve myself. The job fair is not only a platform for obtaining employment information, but also a process of self-awareness and growth. I will use the experiences gained today to guide my career planning and development path.”

Source: Global Education Center

Editor: Xu Xincheng