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ECNU establishes Dishui Lake International Software Engineering Institute


On June 18, East China Normal University (ECNU) officially unveiled the Dishui Lake International Software Engineering Institute in the Lingang New Area, Shanghai, with a conference held on the same day focusing on the future software talent cultivation and industry development.

This new institute, a collaborative effort between ECNU, the Lingang New Area Management Committee, and Shanghai Harbour City Development, aims to uphold the philosophy of "bringing education to the forefront of industries in urgent need." Driven by national strategic demands and cutting-edge industrial issues, the institute will explore new models of industry-education integration and science-education convergence, fostering a paradigm shift in talent cultivation. Its goal is to become a national hub for cultivating top software talents, a leading center for software technology innovation and a collection point for international academic resources.

At the event, the Lingang New Area Management Committee and ECNU signed a preliminary agreement on the construction of the Lingang campus of ECNU. The two parties plan to gradually introduce future-oriented disciplines and programs closely related to Lingang's industries, such as biomedicine and aerospace information, to attract talent from both home and abroad. They will collaborate on international innovation initiatives, jointly building ECNU's Lingang campus into a vibrant hub of knowledge and innovation.

The establishment of the Dishui Lake International Software Engineering Institute marks a significant milestone in ECNU's efforts to contribute to the development of China's software industry and its commitment to fostering world-class talent in the field.

Copy editor:Philip Nash

Editor: Wicky Xu