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Evoking nostalgia: 2024 ECNU graduation souvenirs


As the graduation season swiftly approaches, a new wave of ECNUers are set to embark on their new journeys after graduation. To mark this momentous occasion, ECNU has curated a unique "Graduation Gift Package" that encapsulates the warmth and best wishes to its graduates.


The package contains several thoughtful items, including a charming diffuser stone. Featuring the iconic Qunxian Hall on one side and the Library and Student Activity Center on the other, the diffuser stone embodies the essence of ECNU. The diffuser stone, cast in yellow and blue colors, represents the campus under both sunlight and moonlight. It also is infused with the scent of the university's signature tree, the Metasequoia, evoking nostalgic memories of the campus life.

The package also includes a set of commemorative postcards celebrating the centenary of Daxia University, one of the predecessors of ECNU. These cards trace the university's historical journey, highlighting the patriotic spirit of Chinese intellectuals and their unwavering commitment to education.

For the fashion-forward graduates, a stylish canvas bag adorned with the university's logo in a choice of two vibrant color combinations — a fresh blue-on-white and a classic white-on-blue — offers both style and practicality. The dynamic curved font of "ECNU" adds a touch of dynamism to the bag, reminding wearers to maintain their youthful enthusiasm and passion.

The alumni package, prepared by the Alumni Association, includes a customized school badge, a special student card and an alumni magazine. This exclusive gift is a reminder that every graduate remains a cherished member of the ECNU community, no matter where life's journey takes them.


As the graduates take flight, ECNU wishes them a journey filled with limitless possibilities and unforgettable moments. With this thoughtful gift package, the university hopes to instill a sense of belonging and pride among its alumni, encouraging them to carry the spirit of ECNU wherever they go in the future.

Author: Huang Siyin, Xu Xincheng

Copy editor:Josha

Editor: Wicky Xu