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Learn Chinese with Intelligent VR, Enjoy a Panoramic View of Shanghai



On April 18th, a series of courses themed “Learn Chinese with Intelligent VR, Enjoy a Panoramic View of Shanghai”—2023 International Chinese Language Day Panoramic On-site Live Experience Camp was successfully launched in the cultural exhibition hall on the first floor of the International Chinese Teacher Training Base at ECNU. Over 2,000 viewers from all over the world watched the event online.

During the event, four experts complimented the achievements of the Camp, and discussed the practice and application of VR technology in Chinese language and culture teaching. Prof. Chen Qinjian believes that, as a novel teaching method, VR panoramic courses enable overseas Chinese language learners to get closer to Shanghainese culture, which reflects the promising core of the culture of modern Shanghai, that is, “confidence”, “inclusiveness” and “innovation”.

The teachers conducted a panoramic live broadcast in Yu Garden

Trainees observe the window grilles of Yu Garden through VR

The lecturer introduces the damper with 720 degree panoramic camera to the students

Trainees immersively experience the Shanghai center damper light show through VR glasses

The lecturer Carina Lau introduced the writer Ding Ling to the students on Duolun Road

Students from around the world wear VR glasses for classes

International students experience VR panoramic realistic teaching

Based on the VR On-site livestreaming experience and international Chinese education metaverse, the series of courses is an innovative practice, applying VR technology and integrating resources from China and abroad. The courses recruited overseas Chinese language learners from different continents, countries and language and culture backgrounds and formed the “Overseas Chinese Language Learners Global Interconnection Experience Camp.” With a theme of “6,000-year long history of Shanghai”, three panoramic on-site courses connected students from around the world, and highlighted the adaptive, diverse and inclusive spirit of Shanghai city, acclaimed by all the attendees.

2023 "International Chinese Day" panoramic live experience camp series course exhibition conference held

Experts Wear VR Glasses to experience

In the “Experience Camp” achievement exhibition of the launch event, Pu Ruoyi, a management staff member of the International Chinese Language Day Project, introduced to on-site experts and online viewers the course background, preparation, team members, students’ response and challenges posed by multi-dimensional platform livestreaming. Teacher Liu Jiayi demonstrated the design and innovative concept of the three courses, “The Aesthetics of JiangnanExperiencing Yuyuan Garden”, “The Modern Magic CityVisiting Lujiazui” and “The Culture of Shanghai Walking along Duolun Road”. The camp review document was also premiered at the launch event. At the online sharing session of the event, students Li Yingxian from South Korea and Deng Xiaoli from Indonesia shared their learning experience of using VR in class for the first time.

Through the multi-dimensional teaching platform, this series of VR panoramic on-site live courses combines traditional online courses, VR panoramic courses, and on-site live courses and creates a new immersive panoramic teaching method without any restrictions on time and space. As the courses have visualized the teaching scenarios, making them “tangible”, students can learn Chinese on site, practicing the idea of “Explore Chinese Language without Boundaries in a Scientific Manner”. This marks “the first step” towards international Chinese education and culture communication practice.


Copy editor: Melody Zhang,  Philip Nash

Editor: Yvaine Lyu