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Bridging two major disciplines: AI brings significant impact in the field of education!


On May 7, 1979, ECNU established the first formal Computer Science Department in any normal university in China. Now, 44 years later, in order to adapt to the new circumstances characterized by the rapid development of AI, give full play to the comprehensive advantages of computer science and education disciplines, and promote the cultivation of innovative talent adept at interdisciplinary research in the frontier fields of education and AI, ECNU combined Shanghai Institute of Intelligent Education (MOE Philosophy and Social Science Intelligence Education Laboratory) with its School of Computer Science and Technology; thus a new School of Computer Science and Technology came into being.

On May 7, 2023, ECNU held the inaugural meeting of the new School of Computer Science and Technology and a roundtable forum for dialogue between AI and humanities and social sciences. Experts and scholars conducted group discussions on three themes: “AI and education”, “AI and philosophy” and “AI and society”.

 ECNU’s determination to establish a new School of Computer Science and Technology is a strategic decision made on the basis of future trends and also represents a significant initiative to promote interdisciplinary scientific research in an organized manner. As introduced by Zhou Aimin, Dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology ECNU, the School will firmly keep in mind the requirements of “Four Orientations” and continue to make efforts from the following three perspectives: to serve national strategies and implement interdisciplinary integration at the university level; to target cutting-edge academic research and solidify forward-looking foundational studies; and to integrate education, science, industry and intelligence so as to enhance the quality of talent cultivation.

Copy editor: Melody Zhang, Philip Nash  

Editor: Yvaine Lyu