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Shanghai AI-Finance School at ECNU officially unveiled and established


On May 31, Shanghai AI-Finance School (SAIFS) was officially unveiled and established at East China Normal University (ECNU).

The SAIFS is the first educational and research institute throughout the world to focus on the cross-industry intersection of AI and finance. The school has two research centers: AI-Fin (AI-Finance) Research Center and AI-PPE (AI-Philosophy, Politics and Economics) Research Center.

The Dean of SAIFS, Professor Yilei Shao introduced the school at the opening ceremony: “The development goal of SAIFS is not limited to cultivating a new generation of leading talents in AI-Fin equipped with financial knowledge, AI technology and practical experience. It also aims to enhance the innovative application of AI in the financial industry and the development of AI-Fin, and to improve the efficiency and quality of financial services and create more value for the society through a broad cooperative network.”

At the AI-Fin Research Center, an advanced model will be developed for the recognition, quantification, prediction, and mitigation of the systematic risks posed by AI technologies. Therefore, the relevant internal controlling theories, accompanied with the research results on AI, will be used for the governmental departments and major financial institutions. The AI-PPE Research Center was established to promote the research of cutting-edge issues in global philosophy-politics-economics (PPE) in an AI era. The center also aims to build a new educational system with “AI For Social Science” for the purpose of boosting the momentum of PPE to serve the modern society.

The SAIFS will offer the following graduate-level degree programs, including the Master of AI-Fin, AI-Fin MBA, and AI-Fin Ph.D. programs. Those programs above will be piloted in September, 2024, and then will be officially launched in 2025. The comprehensive capability of students will be fully cultivated through the courses in terms of AGI (artificial general intelligence) and LLMs (Large Language Models). Additionally, courses will be offered in the foundation of machine learning/neural network, application of AI in the financial industry, FinLLM experimental workshops, the socio-economic and ethical implications of AI, the regulation of AI in finance, and the leadership of AI in the management of AI transformation.     


The first promotional film of the SAIFS, entitled “Newborn”, was released at the inauguration ceremony. A debut film, it was co-created by 50 talented AIGC artists. The film not only displayed the perfect fusion of art and technology, but also showed the deep cooperation between human beings and AI. Every detail in the exquisite images, the unique words, and the classical music, represents the collaboration of the wisdom of human beings and AI technology.

The inauguration ceremony of SAIFS and its first annual academic conference lasted from May 31 to June 1. There were 18 scholars and industrial pioneers from the AI industry, financial industry, and cross-industries from 4 continents in attendance. Focusing on 3 themes, including: “The Integration of AI and Financial Technology,” “Large Language Models and Finance,” and “A Global Perspective on AI Ethics and Governance.”

The participants delivered 15 inspiring keynote speeches, followed with 3 round table meetings about the deep and insightful discussion on AI-Fin development trends and industrial innovation. The round-table discussions offered a platform with thoughtful exchanges for all attendees.


The inauguration ceremony had tremendous support from the exclusive partnership, the Agricultural Bank of China, Shanghai Branch.

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Source: Shanghai AI-Finance School,  Faculty of Economics and Management

Copy editor:Philip Nash, Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Xu Xincheng