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Prof. Hu Xiang’en and Prasad Bhaarat Ram give keynote lecture


To deeply understand the concept of new productive forces, promote the digital development of education, and accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation of ECNU, a lecture: “Navigated Learning: AI for Personalized Learning” was held on the afternoon of May 29 at the Lecture Hall, Yifu Building on the Putuo Campus.

Prof. Hu Xiang’en from Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU) and Dr. Prasad Bhaarat Ram, founder and CEO of Navigator Labs, were invited as the main speakers. Prof. Hu, an expert in interdisciplinary fields including psychology, electronics, and computing, has a profound research background in developing mathematical models of human cognitive behaviors, artificial intelligence, computer-assisted teaching systems, and distributed learning technologies. Dr. Prasad Ram, who has had a long tenure at Google, was deeply involved in the development of projects such as Google Maps, News, and Language Technologies. The lecture utilized an AI system for real-time translation between Chinese and English.

Prof. Hu Xiang’en

Prof. Hu Xiang’en and Dr. Prasad Ram demonstrated the Gooru Navigated Learning system on the website. Teachers and students engaged in an in-depth discussion with the two experts on topics such as information privacy issues in the collaboration between the Gooru Navigated Learning system and primary and secondary schools, its application in the field of social sciences at universities and the repositioning of teachers’ roles.

Dr. Prasad Ram

This lecture provided a valuable academic exchange opportunity for teachers and students, offering a unique and profound perspective on understanding the human learning process. Additionally, it expanded new ideas and visions for us to consider on how to accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation of schools and build a world-class university with Chinese characteristics led by AI-driven educational innovation. As Prof. Hu Xiangen remarked, “Just as GPS has changed the way we travel, Gooru Navigator will change the way we learn and redefine how people acquire knowledge.”

Copy editor:Philip Nash, Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Xu Xincheng