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ECNU launches 'AI+X' micro-majors to foster AI Talents


ECNU has introduced the "AI+X" series of micro-majors for all undergraduate students in a bid to address the challenges of talent cultivation in the era of artificial intelligence (AI). This initiative aims to empower students from various majors to master AI tools, ultimately driving academic innovation and injecting new vitality and possibilities into research and practice across all domains.

The first batch of "AI+X" micro-majors includes courses in four professional areas: "AI+Mathematics," "AI+Geography," "AI+Fine Arts," and "AI+Communication". The curriculum consists of two modules: AI foundation courses and "AI+X" integrated courses, with plans to expand coverage to all majors in the future.

ECNU is actively promoting the integration of AI with professional education to actively adapt to the development needs of emerging technologies. This includes building a progressive digital intelligence education curriculum group, encouraging the transformation of courses towards AI, advancing the construction of digital intelligence textbooks, and demonstrating the application of AI teaching assistants. These measures aim to comprehensively promote the integration of AI with undergraduate courses in education and teaching.

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Xu Xincheng