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LE THI THUY NGAN:Speech at the Graduation Ceremony


Dear teachers and students,

Good morning!

I’m LE THI THUY NGAN, from Vietnam. First of all, on behalf of all the international graduate students of the Class of 2023, I would like to express my gratitude to ECNU and our teachers for their cultivation and instruction. Also, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to all the graduate students like me!

The Chinese essay question for this year’s Shanghai College Entrance Examination is “Is a person willing to explore a strange world just because of curiosity?” I think I am a suitable person to answer this question as a Vietnamese girl. If someone is willing to step outside her comfort zone and explore a new world, it is definitely not only because of curiosity, but also because she has the courage to change and confidence in her choice.

I participated in the National College Examination of Vietnam and was admitted to Hanoi University of Foreign Trade, one of Vietnam’s top universities, and served as the Vice President of the university’s Chinese club. However, I was not satisfied with that, because I was eager to embrace a bigger world and dreamed of studying abroad. One day, I saw a friend’s post on Facebook about studying abroad in China. The challenging and rewarding life presented in that post drove my determination to apply to study at East China Normal University without hesitation.

In August 2019, I finally became a part of ECNU! Beautiful campus, stylish teaching buildings, spacious classrooms, lovely students ... everything was so vibrant. However, a sudden pandemic spoiled my plan and I had to take courses online.

But I am LE THI THUY NGAN who never gives up, always eager to explore new possibilities. Apart from the required online courses, I took an active part in a variety of online activities and competitions, and unexpectedly won many awards. In this way, I have not only improved my Chinese and English and found out about the cultures of different countries, but also met many friends from all over the world, which promoted and enriched myself!

What’s more interesting is that it was also in this period that I began to record my life studying abroad at ECNU on social media and unexpectedly became a well-known blogger. My social media account has nearly 10,000 followers and has accumulated more than 600,000 views. Countless Vietnamese youth learn about China and ECNU through my account. Perhaps many of them have already started their study abroad plans. And I was also invited to participate in some educational activities for overseas students in China. These experiences, which were new and far beyond expectations for an undergraduate student, convinced me that as long as you are willing to explore, you can continue to discover more possibilities in life.

Later, I joined the Public Relations Department of the Huawei Company in Vietnam and began my first internship in my life in my spare time. As my work became better and better, I thought I would keep taking online classes, working and becoming an employee of Huawei. However, when I received the notice to return to the university, I chose to go back to ECNU and finish my studies without hesitation. That is because I believed that my dream of studying abroad must be renewed and finished.

Roads are made by people. Whether you are faced with a fork in the road or adversity, as long as you stick to your original heart’s desire and make a firm choice, there will be inconceivable change in your life. Just like me, I was admitted to a first-class university in China, became the Vice President of the International Student Federation, became an ambassador for international students, became a well-known blogger, and worked in a multinational company. These experiences have given me a different taste of life.

Studying at ECNU has changed my life. No words can fully express my gratitude to my Alma Mater and teachers. With this gratitude, I will continue to move forward and explore the new era and the new world together with all the students from home and abroad.

Thank you!