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ECNU graduate describes how AEBS shaped her career path


Hello! My name is Raphaelle Quintard and I was part of the first cohort of AEBS(Asia Europe Business School)MIB which graduated in 2020. In my current position at the World Trade Organization (WTO), having a professional commitment means dedicating myself to high-quality work, maintaining integrity, continuously learning and adapting to new challenges, and contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

After graduating from AEBS in 2020, I commenced my professional journey as an intern at the Executive Secretariat for the  Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) at the WTO in Geneva, Switzerland. At present, I hold the position of Portfolio Management Officer at the EIF. Over the past four years, I have assumed greater responsibilities while actively fostering personal and professional development. Working within the realm of international organizations, I find immense gratification in contributing to the advancement of nations and the broader global prosperity.

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I was delighted to join the EIF in 2020, deeply inspired by its core values and distinctive features, including country ownership, promoting and working with vulnerable economies, acting as an honest broker and exchanging knowledge and innovation.

Today, I operate across two levels in my role as a Portfolio Management Officer. At the programmatic level, I assume oversight of the programme performance, orchestrating strategic actions to optimize the execution of our project portfolio. On the granular project level, I provide dedicated support in monitoring implementation and closure progress, ensuring that results are efficiently achieved. Additionally, I support the coordination of outreach and advocacy initiatives, amplifying our organizational impact through effective engagement strategies.

I also have the privilege of working on all the EIF's projects. These initiatives support different trade-related areas, strategically aligned with the specific needs and national priorities of each LDC. For example, I had the opportunity to embark on impactful journeys, including missions to Nepal and Togo. In Togo, our intervention focused on bolstering the soya value chain. The country is now the leading exporter of organic soya to the European Union, a testament to the project's transformative impact. Meanwhile, in Nepal, we are actively facilitating the organic certification for orthodox tea. This initiative is pivotal in increasing tea exports, thereby enhancing the livelihoods of farmers and stakeholders along the value chain.

Pictures from Nepal tea fields in 2023

As many organizations do, we encountered challenges, ranging from the disruptive effects of the global pandemic to navigating the complexities of geopolitical conflicts that may hinder fieldwork. Being agile, flexible, and resilient is key to coping with and overcoming these challenges. My work can be punctuated by moments of intensity, demanding deadlines, and pressure. Yet, it is through tenacity, unwavering commitment, and collective effort that I surmount obstacles and achieve my objectives. The ultimate reward lies in witnessing the tangible, positive outcomes of our interventions on the ground, where our work translates into meaningful impacts and transformative change.

My experience at AEBS

After completing my undergraduate studies in Economics and Chinese in France, I sought to deepen my understanding of international business dynamics. Additionally, I desired to refine my Mandarin-Chinese proficiency through immersive learning experiences in China. It was during this search that I became acquainted with the innovative MIB program offered by AEBS. Seamlessly integrating my academic aspirations with my linguistic goals, this program proved to be ideal!

Raphaelle Quintard in ECNU

My tenure of two years at AEBS have been filled with great memories. The enriching courses, great teachers, and vibrant academic ambiance, coupled with the dynamic and opportunity-rich backdrop of Shanghai, made for an unforgettable experience. I found immense pleasure in the multicultural ambiance of both AEBS and Shanghai. Yet, amidst all these highlights, my deepest gratitude lies in the camaraderie fostered with my esteemed MIB cohort. Together, we forged long lasting memories.

My advice to younger international students

To my fellow MIB students and prospective applicants, I wholeheartedly urge you to seize every opportunity during your time at AEBS. The school and the city offer an abundance of remarkable prospects and opportunities.

At AEBS, you will meet students coming from all horizons at the ECNU campuses. Embracing the study of Chinese, while immersing yourself in its rich culture, will not only broaden your understanding of China but also bolster your capacity to work in multicultural environments.

Make the most out of the myriad of extracurricular events proposed by AEBS and ECNU, as they will serve an invaluable supplement to your academic journey, enriching your understanding and experiences.

Above all, enjoy every moment of your tenure at AEBS, as it is a perfect time for possibilities and personal growth!

Wishing you all the best on your journey of learning and career advancement!

Author: Raphaelle Quintard

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Mei Xia, Wicky Xu